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Industries Where Industrial Mixers Are Applicable


Different blades, mixer configurations, speeds, bowl shapes make a significant difference in the mixing process. Thus, only a mixing expert or mixing equipment manufacturer can tell you the difference between various industrial mixing appliances. As there are nearly as many mixing appliances as there are components to be mixed, different equipment work to produce a unique blend. 


Look at your kitchen blender. While it might have wire whisk to beat, paddle for mixing, dough hooks for kneading, industrial mixers are more complicated with many configurations to fit different industries. Here, we’ll look at two industrial mixers applicable to mixing fragile products, explosives atmosphere, and where you can apply these machines.

Polymers, food, and regeneration of catalyst industries

The rotary drum mixer is an equipment industries use to mix various components without risking temperatures from rising. While a product should remain in a specific composition for it to be safe for consumption, it’s necessary to process it under the right temperatures, among other conditions. The rotary mixer is the ideal appliance in this case – it can be used in both continuous and batch processes. These drum sizes could range from 25 to 10,000 liters such that you have different options depending on the size of your business and the amount you intend to mix per process. A rotary mixer is applicable in industries such as those that regenerate catalysts, food industry, and polymers. 

Potentially explosive environment

Are you working in a potentially explosive industry? Then you must have come across an atex mixer on your company premises. Following the introduction of many products, some may require to be processed in conditions deemed hazardous. Yet, some people will have to interact with the dangerous conditions at some point. That’s where the atex mixer comes in. The appliance is ideal as it eliminates the chances of combustible dust, mists, and flammable gasses with oxygen, which could result in explosions. Consequently, injuries, deaths, and considerable damages may follow.  

An expert has to identify the potential of an explosion within the atex vessel before it embarks on work. 

Always ensure to acquire your equipment from reputable brands to prevent dangers in your place of work. 

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