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VSI crusher – a professional device used in mining

vsi crusher vsi crusher

Crushers are an extremely important device used in mining. They process raw materials and are also used in the recycling of building materials. They can be found in quarries, as well as gravel pits, where they are used to produce products used on roads and asphalt, as well as sand, which is used in construction.

The recycling potential of crushers is particularly desirable today, as the struggle for environmental protection continues.

Why are VSI crushers from Magotteaux so popular?

Magotteaux offers 4 different models of VSI crusher. Crusher models vary in terms of their size and performance parameters. The 4 models differ in diameter, engines, and parts, which are adapted to meet various industry needs. Parts such as anvils and rotors are available in a variety of alloys. Composite solutions with a metal matrix are also available:

  • Xwin,
  • neox,
  • Xcc.

Magotteaux VSI crushers are called Mag'Impact and are distinguished by a very specific type of anvils and rotors. They have been designed to ensure optimal performance during crushing processes. Thanks to this, the final product is characterized by the highest standard of quality, which is extremely important in this industry. Mag'Impact is the only vertical crusher in Europe. VSI Mag'Impact crushers are distinguished by the fact that they produce consistently high-quality material, regardless of whether it is steel slag, abrasive rocks, limestone, or gravel. They are also used in the production of rail ballast. It is worth noting that in Mag'Impact crushers it is possible to control the fragmentation and shape of particles even during the production process. Thanks to this, it is possible to produce high-quality gravel, which is useful in many industries. Such crushers ensure the highest quality of produced metal.


How VSI crushers contribute to recycling

Another important feature of VSI crushers is their usability in recycling. Thanks to them, it is possible to transform waste into something new and useful. This is especially important nowadays, when we attach so much importance to protecting the environment. One of the main benefits of VSI Mag'Impact crushers is their simple and uncomplicated maintenance.

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