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Officine Mario Dorin Experience Report/Review

Officine Mario Dorin Officine Mario Dorin

Officine Mario Dorin is a reputable company that offers refrigeration and air conditioning solutions to consumers worldwide. OMD started as a mechanical and machinery tools manufacturer, repairer of automobile engines and air compressors. It began rolling out refrigeration air compressors as their flagship product in 1932.

Mario Dorin boasts being a global leader in the manufacture of semi-hermetic compressors in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Its broad selection of compressors of all sizes and types means that you'll find a perfect compressor for your needs and wants. In fact, OMD vaunts over 600 models and designs of semi-hermetic compressors and condensers that efficiently work with HCFCs and natural refrigerants, such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, and organic chemicals.

The worldwide consumer base as appreciated and applauded OMD's line of air compressors, thanks to the company's dedication to providing efficient, robust, and reliable products. The end-product is a result of high adherence to quality standards when picking material suppliers and the creation of an efficient and business-oriented production cycle.

Why Buy Officine Mario Dorin?

OMD leverages its success on its unwavering commitment to offering refrigeration and air conditioning solutions that satisfy the consumer's needs while conserving the environment.

  • Efficient and Sustainable Solutions

The company has a team of professional researchers who are continually looking for innovative ways to enhance the products' performance. OMD air compressors and condensing units are efficient and work perfectly with environmentally-friendly refrigerants.

  • Quality Production

Since its founding in 1918, Dorin has focused on creating efficient and quality-centric production systems. Once produced, the products are individually inspected for any blemishes and poor craftsmanship. Each component is a result of research and development and has passed through QC.

  • Consumer Satisfaction

OMD has high regard for customer satisfaction. The company offers all-round customer assistance through its consumer help-desk. You can get quality technical assistance, answers to queries, or consultancy in financial and engineering matters.

With over a century of producing air compressors, Officine Mario Dorin has gained experience creating products that suit the needs across a wide range of industries. The company has low employee turnover, meaning the craftsmen and engineers at OMD understand what needs to be done to produce top-tier air compressors and condensing units.

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