Tuesday, 18 February 2020 17:07

Green walls as a trendsetter in biophilic design

Green walls Green walls

A major disadvantage of urbanised areas is the lack of everyday contact between people and nature. Nature calms us down, gives us a moment's respite, eliminates stress and helps us to relax from everyday life. For this reason, biophilic design, i.e. space design in harmony with nature, is very popular among architects. The trend helps to bring nature back to people' lives.

Green walls in houses, offices or commercial spaces fit in perfectly with the assumption of the trendy biophilia.

What is biophilic design?

The strategy of biophilic design was precisely defined by Erich Fromm, a prominent psychologist, psychotherapist and philosopher. He referred to the concept of biophilic design as the love of life and everything alive. The main assumption of the idea is that every human being has a genetic connection with the world of nature, which was shaped over thousands of years of life on Earth in close proximity to nature.

American biologist Edward Wilson noted in the 1980s that growing urbanisation drastically dissociates man from nature. The goal of biophilic design is to improve the space around us in such a way that we have daily contact with nature. The idea is implemented among others by designing parks and urban greenery, protecting plant and animal habitats in landscape parks or reserves. The idea also includes designing greenery around itself - as home gardens, green areas surrounding office buildings. A similar function is performed by plants in private homes, companies and various public facilities. The currently trendy vertical gardens perfectly reflect the need to incorporate greenery into the living, business, leisure or entertainment space.

Why is it worth introducing a biophilic design strategy?

People living in urban areas have increasingly little contact with nature, year after year. The development of civilisation makes the original connection with nature practically unattainable for many of us. The biophilic design strategy attempts to restore this lost balance. Urban greenery, a wall made of plants at home or in the office, and favourite vegetation designed on the terrace or balcony allow nature to enter our everyday life (workplaces, study, leisure). In its surroundings, people feel safer and more relaxed. Research proves that introducing vegetation into flats and offices has a positive effect on health, improves well-being and eliminates stress.

Vertical garden - a fashionable recipe for introducing nature into the home or office

Do you want to take advantage of the beneficial effects of greenery in your surrounding space? The currently popular green walls offer great potential for introducing the idea of biophilic design into everyday life. The vertical garden is ideal for both private homes or apartments and commercial interiors. Greenery is increasingly being designed in office buildings, receptions of large enterprises, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, SPA salons and all types of public buildings. A wall made of plants works well in both spacious and small interiors. Vertical compositions offer great arrangement possibilities and are also functional. They do not take up valuable space and do not require special care, and therefore they are ideal where traditional flower boxes and pots would not be practical. It suffices to order a professional design and construction to cherish beautiful vegetation adorning our private or corporate interiors for many years.

You can order a professional vertical garden at 4naturesystem.com. The company designs green walls to size, matching them to individual customer needs. The construction based on the unique 4Nature system is equipped with intelligent control, automatic watering (closed or open water circuit) and lighting (optional). The company selects plant species ideally suited to the prevailing conditions in a given location (access to light, temperature, space) and arrangement style. It is worth combining them with wooden floors, glass with a view of the nearby park, shelves in the shape of honeycombs or wallpapers with landscapes (e.g. flower meadows, forests greenery, mountain streams and waterfalls, paradise beaches). In doing so, you can bring the beauty of nature into the interior and create a soothing climate conducive to harmony and tranquillity.

In addition to the greenery in residential, office and commercial interiors, 4Nature System also creates seasonal gardens on building façades, balconies and terraces. Stylish constructions add a unique look to the buildings and at the same time perfectly fit into the biophilic design trend, which allows for everyday contact between people and nature.

What are the benefits of biophilia?

The introduction of nature into interiors (in the form of green walls, plant pots, natural materials on the floor, plant motifs on wallpaper, paintings or furniture) helps to create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. In houses and flats, it promotes relaxation after an exhausting day, and make rooms cosier. In offices and study spaces (training and conference rooms, universities), elements of the biophilic design strategy improve well-being, allow you to relax and detach yourself from everyday stress and provide a better micro-climate (many plants purify the air and produce oxygen), which promotes productive work and faster learning.