Wednesday, 12 February 2020 15:36

Finger-jointed panels

Finger-jointed panels are highly popular among customers. They are made of carefully selected wood with lamellas glued using finger joints. Because they are durable and maintain their shape well, they are perfect for high-quality furniture and interior decoration. There is a wide variety of finger-jointed panels available on the market, tailored to individual needs and preferences.



Finger-jointed panels – production

Finger jointed panels are mainly made of beech and oak, but ash, cherry and maple are also used. The lamellas of these deciduous tree species are glued along their entire width and length, forming large blocks. Before production, they are dried to the same humidity as the finished product. The result is a product that looks great and functions much better than solid wood.

Finger-jointed panels – a variety of colours

There is a wide selection of panels available in various shades and beautiful colours. They are especially useful for interior decoration. In fact, they are very much sought after by architects and designers who are looking for unique materials to bring to life their designs and interior arrangement concepts.

Finger-jointed panels – application

The system of finger-jointed panels gives the product a special aesthetic combined with high stability and strength, which makes it an appropriate material for the production of flat surfaces. As a result, the panels are more compact and stable, which increases their mechanical quality. Finger-jointed panels are particularly used for kitchen countertops, tables, stairs, furniture and other home furnishings.

They are a perfect solution for people who value high quality, durability and aesthetics. By using this product for interior decoration, you can achieve an amazing effect combining practicality and comfort with an amazing range of colours. Use panels to give your house a unique and original look.