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Shipping from China - Which way is the most beneficial?

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Every year imports from China increase rapidly. More and more importers decide to do it by themselves. However, before taking any action, they should do specific research.

First of all, one of the most important factors is to choose the best way of transportation. Properly selected methods will be effective and let us save money and time. We can choose among express delivery companies, ocean freight, air transportation, or rail transportation. One should remember that selecting the most suitable Incoterms 2020 rule is another crucial step.

Below we introduce the presently available methods of shipping from China.

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight is the most economical way of importing. Therefore it is also the most common transport. It is recommended for large shipping, so ocean shipping should be considered if you want to import large or high volumes of goods. What is more, this shipping has a comparatively low emission of CO2 compared to other transportation.

Choosing this type of transport we can select two ways to import packages depending on big-sized or high amounts of stuff. For tiny things, there is LCL type - Less than Container Load and for large-sized is FCL - Full Container Load.

In LCL, the quantifier is taken into account. There are not enough cargo loads to fulfill the whole container. Therefore, it is shared with other importers.

In FCL, the cargo is large enough to fulfill the container. It is also relatively cheaper than LCL because the cost is calculated based on the entire container.

Besides the possibility of transporting vast amounts of goods and being relatively cheap, it also has some disadvantages.

Compared to air transportation, ocean freight takes approximately 30 times longer. This process influences factors like weather conditions or port congestion. Also, goods are more likely to arrive damaged due to difficult marine conditions. But there are ways to secure the cargo by buying insurance. Often are charging other fees like terminal holding charges, fuel or storage surcharges, etc.

Air Transportation

Air transportation is the fastest and most reliable way to import some stuff. But express delivery implies higher costs which impact the popularity of this transport. Due to the short expiration date, it is preferred to import petty, valuable things like jewelry, electronics, or foodstuff.

Despite high costs, it also has some other disadvantages. For example, transporting large and bulky goods is limited. Some air companies do not allow to transport of specific products like liquids or batteries. There are also other accessorial charges.

Cost depends on weight and volume. Carriers can charge due to dimensional or actual weight. Air transportation is considered the safest way of transporting goods according to the unique requirements of each freight.

Air cargo superior air express. It offers more logistics possibilities, which can be focused on cost, safety, or speed. It is the best way to receive freight if the situation is urgent. Air cargo allows the shipper to bring the goods to any place. Meanwhile, air express is delivered to a specific location and then reloaded to another means of transport.

Rail Transportation

Compared to sea shipping, rail transportation is faster and safer. Besides, it is also relatively stable, and the goods arrive at the destination more smoothly. The next advantage is the possibility of importing a wide range of weights and types of items.

Despite the high cost of infrastructure construction for railway transportation, the overall cost of transport is low. It also provides excellent carrying capacity, and the price per kilogram is pretty low. Goods below 2 kg or above 500 kg can be transported without any obstacles.

Rail transport can deliver any item, liquid stuff, built-in electricity, matching electricity, cosmetics, kitchen knives, or pure battery items. This transports superior sea or ocean delivery because it can be challenging to transport batteries or liquid items.

Unfortunately, delivery time took more time than air transportation. China-Europe trains need 20-40 days, while air transport can supply items for up to 20 days. Or even commercial express air delivery packages in one week.

Railway transportation is limited. It can run through countries with available railway infrastructure, and generally, the scope of mail is not that huge. Overall, logistics offers many kinds of postal offices and provides delivery to around 220 countries and regions all around the world.

Shipping from China – Summary

To sum up, currently, there are many ways to import items from China. Everything depends on the importer's expectations and what they want to transport. There is also the possibility of using a forwarding company that takes the responsibility of custom clearance and provides custom formalities. In choosing a company, we should be cautious and decide consciously. 


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