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iPhone 13 – VELANTE Officiale Leather Phone Cases

leather cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max leather cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max

The best-selling gadget of the technological era that we are going through is the iPhone. It is the indispensable smartphone, which everyone wants for the speed of movement in the online environment, but also for the specific phone functions.

The specialty market makes all types of iPhones available to the technology enthusiasts ,coming to meet the customers with the latest models, but also with the related accessories.

The launch of the new iPhone 13 models

Earlier this year, on September 14, Apple released the new iPhone 13 models. The  specialty market is thus enriched with the iPhone  13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. According to official information, the new iPhone 13 phones have the same design as the iPhone 12 model, only the camera  arrangement having a different location. The new model is more efficient energy-related, with an A15 processor inside that is 5% more powerful than the A14 processor used on the previous model. iPhone 13 is available in multiple storage options, namely 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. Thedevice's display has a diagonal of 6.1  inches  and a refresh  rate of 60 Hz.The iPhone  13 Mini variant has the same storage capacity as the basic variants,,the display having a diagonal of 5.4 inches. Both variants, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, can get  Always on Display mode. The new iPhone  will charge faster, it comes with two cameras, and the Pro version has three  professional lenses for photos and videos. The Pro and Pro Max variants will also be available for purchase with a large 1TB storage option. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini are available in 6 color variants, namely black, purple, white, white, ostrich, pink and red. For the Pro and Pro Max variants you can choose only between black, sierra blue, gold and silver colors.

VELANTE Officiale – Leather phone covers for iPhone 13

Choosing a cover for the new iPhone is not just about protection, it's also about aesthetics. When choosing the right case, it should meet certain criterias. When choosing one of the VELANTE Officiale leather cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max 13 Pro, 13 or 13 mini, you need to make sure your phone is safe, operating at full capacity, in all conditions. With the  advent of the new iPhone 13, VELANTE launched on the specialty market the new models of covers made of genuine cow leather and python leather, intended for any preferences in terms of accessories and design.
Those interested will discover for the new  iPhone models, a series of high-quality covers, extremely practical, which will not only enhance the appearance of the phone, but will also provide it with impeccable functionality and protection.  You can opt for covers from different categories made of different types of leather, such as the following collections: Kanda Leather or Kanda on the  Go Leather, Embossed Alligator Leather or Embossed Alligator Strap Leather, but also for the most appreciated collection, the Python Leather. The cases fit all the variants of the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. Each model of the case is available in different colors and  tones, with an elegant accessorization, the brand's stylized “V” logo, being present on each product.
The lining of each model is made of delicate materials that will match the overall look of the product, but will  also provide protection for the phone. The multitude of models, textures, colors and accessories, allows everyone, no.

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