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Why is maintaining the right moisture level so important in many industries?

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Many people are unaware of the importance of maintaining proper moisture levels in production. Humid air can damage buildings and products, and reduce production efficiency. The key is to keep moisture at a sufficiently low level that does not threaten products, buildings or processes.


What causes too high moisture levels?

Air humidity is a key issue and monitoring its level should be regular and systematic. remove moisture industrial , which is offered by professional companies dealing with industrial dehumidifier, is becoming more and more common. The most dangerous consequences of high levels of humidity are:

  1. Corrosion – steel and iron do not corrode if the air humidity in their surroundings is below 50% RH. Above this value, corrosion increases logarithmically.
  2. Condensation – condensation on walls and ceilings is dangerous and is caused by too high a level of humidity inside the building. What's more, moisture in places where pipes run causes corrosion, which can lead to a safety risk. 
  3. Hydroscopicity of materials – high quality products such as dry food, sweets, powders, and medicines (e.g. tablets) can only be obtained if, from the very beginning of the production process, the product only comes into contact with air with low relative humidity. That is why maintaining the correct level of moisture in production processes is so important.
  4. Dehumidification of buildings – too high moisture levels have a destructive effect on buildings, which is why dehumidification is an effective method of counteracting the effects of moisture. The most popular method is sorption drying. Air heating only transfers moisture from one room of the building to the next, which is why this method is ineffective. 
  5. Electronics – the level of relative humidity affects the operation of electrical installations and devices. Failure to maintain adequate humidity parameters results in increased failure rates of electrical installations and equipment.
  6. Bacteria – too much moisture creates an ideal environment for bacterial growth and reproduction. Keeping it below 50% prevents reproduction. 

Why is it worth investing in industrial moisture removal?

The correct level of humidity is crucial for many industries, which is why production factories, the construction industry, warehouses, etc. pay attention to this. Industrial dehumidification is becoming an increasingly popular way to get rid of excess moisture.


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