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Yerba mate. Energizing infusions from South America

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In recent years, yerba mate has been gaining more and more popularity. This beverage is considered to be an alternative to coffee as it boosts the energy level and provides the organism with necessary minerals.

What do you need to start your yerba mate adventure? How to prepare it? What products are worth choosing? Answers to all the questions you may find below! 

Yerba mate. Where to buy it?

Nowadays it is not a problem to buy yerba mate in good tea shops in big cities. More comfortable and cheaper option is to buy it on the Internet for example at If you are interested in buying a healthy alternative to coffee, you will find there the highest quality yerba mate! Check it!

What is yerba mate and what properties does it have?

Yerba mate is a very popular in South America infusion made of Ilex paraguariensis leaves. It grows in tropical conditions in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Its huge popularity in this region is connected with many health-promoting properties. Infusions contain natural caffeine and are a source of vitamins, antioxidants. They also support metabolism. The inventors and first users of yerba mate were the people of Guarani tribe. Yerba mate leaves were to boost their energy level during long overnight huntings, stop the feeling of hunger and improve concentration skills. No wonder that they considered it a gift from heaven and worshipped as a deity.

European conquistadors quickly started appreciating valuable properties of the Indian beverage. Advanced technologies that they had invented let them start the first regular plantations. Yerba mate became very popular among Latin people. In the 19th century most of the people in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay was drinking it. Since then yerba mate has been an integral part of everyday life and even cultural identity in these countries.