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What accessories to choose for furniture assembly?

confirmat screws confirmat screws

Nowadays, practical and reliable mounting elements can be used when screwing together furniture sets. Among many of them you can distinguish confirmat screws, thanks to which you can realize many interesting projects. It is also worth betting on such assembly elements, which will serve as functional additions improving the aesthetics of particular furniture.


Furniture assembly elements - casters and furniture feet

Today in the offer of many stores you can find a variety of furniture legs. They are available in different sizes, colors and also shapes. They are usually made of material such as aluminum and wood.

The wide variety of these furniture accessories makes it possible to use them to give each piece of furniture a unique character.

Furniture casters are such accessories that affect the mobility of each piece of furniture. Thanks to them, it can move freely on the ground. These elements differ in parameters, maximum load, appearance, manufacturing material and assembly method. Furniture castors are commonly used in many coffee tables.

Furniture accessories - hinges and furniture handles

Furniture hinges are an essential accessory when putting on fronts. Thanks to them many doors of cabinets, cupboards or bookcases can be easily opened and closed. In the rich offer of individual stores you can get a wide range of hinges for various purposes.

These elements have interesting decorations, thanks to which they can also serve a decorative function. In turn, furniture handles are useful where doors or drawers are mounted. The wide selection makes it easy to match them to individual pieces of furniture.

This product may take the form of a small rail or have innovative knobs. It is commonly used during the production of children's furniture.

The choice of individual assembly elements should always depend on the style of furniture created and screwed together.

Confirmat screws and plugs and the assembly of individual furniture elements

Nowadays, fast and efficient furniture assembly is possible thanks to the use of appropriate accessories, which are designed to join individual laminated boards together.

When screwing or assembling furniture, the most frequently used articles include confirmat screws. Furthermore, furniture connectors, eccentric connectors, shelf supports, ball bearing slides for drawers and many other elements are also very helpful.

In order to effectively mask the boards being joined together it is worth using appropriate plugs. Today the sales offer includes self-adhesive and press-in plugs. They are available in a variety of colors. You can therefore easily match them to the color scheme of your furniture.

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