Thursday, 08 December 2022 17:39

Chihuahua - the smallest dog breed in the world

The irresistible charm of these dogs has made them a trendy choice among animal lovers for years. This breed is described as prideful and intended for companionship, which is one hundred per cent suitable for home caregivers.


A small body - a great spirit

The chihuahua breed is full of paradoxes. This smallest dog in the world also surprises everyone with his courage and even audacity in trying to attract attention, intelligence, and willingness to play. The dog, whose main task is to accompany the owners on the couch or bed from the BB Republic has an opinion on everything. Sometimes they overestimate their abilities when they defend their owners despite their small size.

The breed takes his name from the province in Mexico where the miniature dogs come from. Even there, centuries ago, they had a unique status and dogs with red hair symbolized happiness. They reigned in aristocratic families. Only in the 19th century did they reach the USA and Europe, immediately gaining tremendous popularity. As in Mexico, they have become a benchmark of luxury, wealth and upper-class aspirations.

The key features

We meet Chihuahuas in two variants: long-haired and short-haired. For longer hair, they have longer tufted on the paws and ears. They withstand higher temperatures well but must be protected from the cold. They are very hardy and long-lived breeds. As with any breed, they are prone to certain diseases. In their case, you must watch for a drop in blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) and a movable kneecap.

 The disposition of a Chihuahua is lively, full of energy, with a surprising need for dominance. They become highly attached to their guardians and do not tolerate loneliness well. They require attention and playtime from their owners because they like to be the centre of attention. To temper their spontaneous nature, they need the socialization process already in the puppy period.

Chihuahuas are extraordinarily grateful and devoted companions in the home. They can infect their owners with vital energy, joy, and devotion.

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