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The equipment of a mushroom growing farm determines its viability

mushroom farm equipment mushroom farm equipment

Mushroom growing farm is a business that never stands still. In order to be able to earn more in the long term, you need to invest in its modern equipment.


How do you use machines and devices to increase and standardize the yields, harvest more and faster, all while saving time and money? Here’s the answer.

Mushroom farm shelving

High quality aluminum mushroom farm shelving, made to size based on the magnitude of the harvest, will serve us for the whole life of the mushroom farm without the need for replacement. Aluminum does not corrode, and additionally reflects light, which guarantees its appropriate dispersion in the growing rooms, increasing the quality and ergonomics of the harvest.

Mushroom farm lamps

The proper lighting of the mushroom farm affects both the quality and homogeneity of the harvest and the costs we have to bear. By choosing lamps that meet the IP68 waterproofness condition, we buy once, so that for years we can enjoy trouble-free and reliable operation of lamps, eliminating the additional costs caused by the constant need to service and consequently purchase new lamps.

Growing nets

Growing nets are used for pulling the compost onto the shelving and pulling it out after usage. By choosing mats made of good materials, we make sure that they will serve for as long as 15 years without losing their original parameters.

Irrigation system

The automated system mounted under the shelves of the shelving ensures even and optimized watering throughout the mushroom growing period. Precise irrigation and the right amount of water per square meter of harvest, in turn causes high quality, homogeneous yield.

Climate control

Alongside irrigation, climate control of the mushroom growing farm also has an important role. It allows you to control each stage of mushroom growth and achieve higher yields and homogeneity of the harvest. In addition, we save on ventilation, heating and cooling – while maintaining the highest quality of the mushroom.

Growing tunnel covers

High quality material for growing tunnel covers significantly affects its life. Growing tunnel covers of good quality will serve from 10 to 15 years and more, without penetrations, holes and damage caused by weather conditions.

Mushroom picking lorries

The lorries are used to pick mushrooms from the growing shelves. Ones of good quality, well-selected, ergonomic and incorporating appropriate design solutions such as e.g., automation of platform movement, allow us to pick more, in the same unit of time, with fewer people employed.

Mushroom scales

Battery-powered mushroom scales are devices that allow precise weighing, eliminating the need for charging and possible damage to the wire or plug. Battery-powered scale is a portable, cost-effective, easy-to-clean, robust and easy-to-use device.

Mushroom picking knives

More expensive mushroom picking knives have several times the lifespan of the ones from the lowest price range. Good quality knives are a guarantee of long work, without potential damage to the blade and the handle.

Do you want your mushroom growing farm to be modern and profitable? Invest in high-end, modern mushroom farm equipment that meets all relevant standards from GROWTIME. It is a guarantee of higher and homogeneous yields, a reduction in production and harvesting costs, time savings and, consequently, a well-invested mushroom growing farm that is profitable and is a viable undertaking.

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