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Plasticizers Plasticizers

It is worth knowing that they are used in various industries (not only in construction industry). Plasticizers are liquids used to soften plastics. They are widely used in various industries. They are the most popular in the construction industry. This article is dedicated to the use of plasticizers in the construction industry. At the same time, we emphasize that they are also very useful in other industries (for example in manufacturing companies).


Plasticizers - what are their uses in the construction industry?

The use of plasticizers in the construction industry is really wide. Therefore, let's focus on the most common examples. Plasticizers are used for masonry and plastering mortars. They are widely appreciated because they improve the physical properties of building materials. They are great as a substance protecting mortar against high temperatures (e.g. in the case of underfloor heating). They are also valued for properties that improve the durability of the substrate. That is why they are used for screeds for balconies and terraces.

Plasticizers - examples of uses outside of construction industry

  • Plasticizers for varnish (they help to create a stronger varnish coating)
  • Plasticizers for rubber products (mainly to improve flexibility and water resistance)
  • Plasticizers as a component of adhesives and sealants.
  • Plasticizers in the pharmaceutical industry (mainly as solvents).

Plasticizers can perform various functions. They can thicken, plasticize, stain, accelerate hardening, improve water tightness. Therefore, the number of uses is almost unlimited. The article was provided by https://www.plasticisers.org

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