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Lamination – an effective method of securing documents

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The proper securing of important documents is extremely important. Documents or other important papers can get damaged at any moment.

Often, it can significantly hinder all business activities, which is why devices called laminator machines are becoming so popular. How does a laminator machine work?

What is a laminator and how does it protect documents?

Paper is a material that is easily damaged. Crumpling, flooding or tearing of the paper is irreversible, which is why documents are usually secured in several different ways, such as plastic sleeves or tight binders. All these solutions are unreliable, which is why lamination is such a popular method today. Lamination is the process of coating paper with a layer of protective film, which effectively protects it against any external factors, such as moisture. Thanks to this, the risk that the documents will be damaged is eliminated, which is why laminators are also being used at home. Today, the purchase of a laminator machine is not a significant expense and the variety of different models available allow you to choose a device according to your needs. There are two methods of lamination: cold and hot. Most laminators today have two options – cold and hot lamination. You can find a wide selection of laminator machines at

The process of lamination

The process of laminating a document with a laminator is very simple and fast. Special foils are needed for this, which are often supplied with laminators. The document is inserted into the foil and then the whole thing slides into the laminator. Interestingly, there are also printers on the market that have printing and lamination options, thanks to which you do not have to buy a printer and laminator separately. However, if you do not want to buy a printer with the lamination function, then the purchase of the laminator itself will not be a big expense. Laminators have become very common, thanks to which their prices are so low that anyone can afford to buy such a device. Moreover, there are many different companies on the market that produce laminators, so the choice is really wide.

Lamination is the best way to secure documents today, which is why laminator machines have become extremely popular in offices and homes.

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