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The Hungarian Challenger on the Crypto market

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Hungarian Vizsla Inu (HVI) running on BSC blockchain is a fresh project with a unique NFT market idea, strong charity cause, nice atmosphere, friendly community and an owner view with lot of passion and ambition.


HVI has many qualities that are rare in the crypto market: honest team, transparent operation, true purpose, long term development plan, documented charities.

The project aims to connect the animal-friendly community with charity. It is important to introduce shelters and zoos into a new decentralized world in the 21st century so that anyone anywhere in the world can donate, support, adopt and invest at the same time in the form of a cryptocurrency. We are building the future together.

Hungarian Crypto platform Vizsla Inu achieved an increase of 1,000,000% in token value with a market cap increase of 10,000% and is set on a mission to help Dog Shelters. The exchange rate of the Vizsla Inu coin increased 950 times in a month of its launch. Hungarian Vizsla Inu is the first investment and charity-oriented cryptocurrency that has shown incredible performance and popularity among users. By bringing the same on the blockchain technology, this Hungarian crypto platform is creating benefits for the coin holders and organizations that take care of the dogs.

The development team of Vizsla Inu is optimistic about the impact it will create and about the collective impact the project can build across the globe. Their strategic growth decisions and marketing campaigns are targeted to create positive imagery of the platform and help every user become a part of a world where dogs are loved, cared for, and adored.

Reliability is 100%.
Informative website, weekly news, working Roadmap, active developer team on all platforms, identity revelation, real guidance, in person communication.

Radical development plans like: NFT Market, Blockchain creation, Merchandise shop, HVI brand in retail (pet food, beverages etc.) and mobile game launch.

All the details can be found about them below:


NFT Market:






Contract: 0xde619a9e0eeeaa9f8cd39522ed788234837f3b26

Hungarian Vizsla Inu is Your Loyal Friend in Crypto.


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