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Used or new? Which machines to choose for the food industry?

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Each company operating in the food industry strives to produce the highest quality products. To make that possible, it is necessary to have devices that will facilitate the production process, and at the same time preserve the taste and appearance of the foodstuffs.

For this reason, the choice of machines for the food industry is not the easiest one. Find out if used equipment can compete with new models that have just left the factory.

Are used machines worse than the new ones?

When it comes to any electrical or mechanical devices, there is a belief that used machines are always inferior to new ones. However, in many cases, this is not true. Second-hand equipment for the food industry undergoes regular inspections and repairs. The equipment is regularly maintained, and any worn parts are replaced. For this reason, even models that are several years old do not have to be inferior in quality and performance to the new ones. Moreover, they allow you to save some money, as their price is usually much lower.

Machines purchased directly from the manufacturer are distinguished by the latest technological solutions. If they can significantly improve the operation of the enterprise, it is worth considering the purchase. However, it should be considered whether it will be a profitable investment. New devices can also use less energy and reduce waste. Such features can have a positive effect on operating costs over time.

Where to buy used machines in good condition?

Both new and used devices should always be purchased from proven and trusted dealers. There are many suppliers on the market, but it is worth paying attention to the most experienced ones. Companies such as BMG Trade specialize in trading used food processing machines. In their offer you can find various models of devices that will meet even the highest demands.

Where do used machines for the food industry come from?

Most second-hand equipment comes from plants that no longer need the machine in the production line. Usually this is not caused by a malfunction. In many cases, the equipment just does not fit the refurbished production line. The used equipment is also sold out by companies that stop manufacturing a specific product or completely close the business. Some machines are also exhibition pieces. This means that they were shown at trade fairs, but never operated in any processing plant.

How to choose the right equipment for the food industry?

Firstly, you should familiarize yourself with the current health and safety requirements that apply in the food industry. The rules do not change often, but without up-to-date knowledge on the subject, buying used machinery can be risky. If you are not sure, it is better to bet on new equipment that is certainly up to the standards.

Before the purchase, it is worth paying attention to the technical specifications and materials used in a machine. Each plant will require something different from the device. Therefore, the choice of the perfect model must be preceded by a careful examination. Another important factor is the size of the machine. You must keep in mind that the machine has to fit in the production line.


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