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EVAK Pumps - for professionals

high-durability submersible pumps high-durability submersible pumps

EVAK is a leading manufacturer of high-durability submersible pumps. By durability, we mean the lowest cost of ownership, which has been greatly appreciated by professional customers from the construction and water-sewage industries since the brand's introduction. Whether you are a designer or your company is involved in construction, industrial applications, or wastewater treatment - you want to focus on your work and perform it efficiently. EVAK is a reliable and dependable solution for you.


Construction and drainage pumps

Standard submersible pumps require full immersion in liquid for effective cooling during continuous operation. EVAK construction pumps like the EUB, EUB-M, EDW and DIVA series are designed for continuous operation even in conditions of partial immersion and lack of continuous liquid inflow to the excavation. Hydraulic components made of high wear-resistant materials, and the top outlet design allows for pump installation in wells with limited diameters.

Sewage pumps

Long-term practice shows that grinder pumps are not sufficiently durable in the long term when used in gravity sewer systems. The EVAK solution is HIPPO sewage pumps with full passage impellers, without costly grinders in operation, and characterized by high resistance to clogging. The impeller design in HIPPO pumps does not have closed channels and places where sewage can accumulate, causing clogging. By default, the pump is protected against problems such as improper supply voltage and damage due to blockage/overheating of the pump. Quick-release coupling (with sliding bracket and the base foot) for easy pump removal are available.

Where other pumps get clogged

Highly desirable are pumps designed for operation in difficult conditions, often encountered in municipal pumping stations, where sewage is diverse and contains materials such as wet wipes and very long fibers. EVAK's proposal is the LEOPARD pump, combining a self-cleaning single-channel impeller design and a mechanism for cutting larger solids and fibrous materials that cause most pumps to clog. This feature makes the pumps highly versatile, and operational experience shows that it is one of the most effective solutions in its class.

For special tasks

Industrial applications involve varied compositions and physicochemical properties of liquids, as well as variable temperature values of sewage and process water. EVAK STEEL pumps are pumps with hydraulics made of acid-resistant steel and chemically resistant FKM seals. Effective cooling and the possibility of adjusting pump parameters "for a specific task" allows for the selection of devices for operation in conditions of increased temperature (even up to 70°C), density, and viscosity, as well as a wide range of pH values of the pumped liquid.

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